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International Money Order Service


Is the service in which the recipient can come to the post office providing international money transfer service of Vietnam Post Corporation to receive money sent from relatives abroad

Service description

Beneficiary can receive money from sender at post offices which provide international money order service through following channels:
- Postal network in many countries:  France, United States, Malaysia, Singapore, Belgium, China, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Latvia, Azecbaijan, Laos, Cambodia, Korea, Belarus, Japan, Switzerland, Thailand, Philippine and Polen
- International network with baking organizations and money order companies all over the world: Bangkok Bank, Westion Union, etc.


International /Money order service is provided at nearly 2,000 post offices across /nationwide, of which 120 post offices provide foreign currency(USD) transactions. 

Characteristics of products, services

1. Simple and convenient procedure.
2. Fast, accurate and safe.
3. Widespread accessibility.
4. Flexible service time.

Service charge table

No charges applied to payees