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Life Insurance Agent for Dai-ichi


Existing products of the Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company and products designed specifically for distributing through Vietnam Post network.


Provided in 63 post offices of cities and provinces 746 post offices and Commune postal and cultural points points nationwide.
Four distribution channels:
• At customer meetings
• At the counters.
• At Commune postal and cultural points by postmen and staffs 
• At organisations.

Characteristics of products, services

1. Insurance products aimed at the field of healthcare, life, risk and education 2. Customers benefit from the efficient investment and always be guaranteed; comprehensive protection against risks from dangerous diseases and accidents; financial support for hospitalization due to accident; flexible premium payment from the 5th year onwards; simple renewal procedures.

Added services

Additional products with additional benefits equal to 30% of the total sum of the main product; 
Entitled to pay extra premium (max additional amount is 5 times higher than the basic amount).