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Payment and collection for the public administrative services


Deployed in postal network based on the advantages of human resource and widespread postal network of Vietnam Post. Through widespread postal network even to each district, each village, the government can implement not only payment of social insurance, financial support for people having grate contributions to the national revolution, financial support for the disadvantaged fast and accurately but also collection of social insurance, voluntary healthcare insurance etc


Provided nationwide at post offices, Commune postal and cultural points and service points of Vietnam Post

Characteristics of products, services

1. Simple and convenient procedures of payment and collection.
2. Widespread accessibility. 
3. Flexible service time, including Saturday, Sunday and public holidays
4. Advantages of service:
- For the government
+ professional network and human resource of Vietnam Post are available to support collection and payment in every local area.  
+ ensure safety of collection and payment amounts
+ Cost saving for government
+ Convenience to beneficiaries;
+ Facilitate the government to implement other mechanism and public policies nationwide
- For the people:
+ Easily access social policies.
+ receive the best customer service through postal network. 
+ Trustfully use public services at post offices.

Service charge table

No charges for beneficiaries