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Bill Collection and Payment


- Bill Collection: Customers pay premiums; maturity loans; Electric and water bill , Phone bill ; reservation fee, e-commerce transaction invoices; amounts of traffic violation fines, taxes, fees of entrance admission, air ticket booking, charges of issuance and renewal of identity cards and passports etc.- Bill Payment: On behalf of enterprises or social organizations, the service can pay salary for staff, fee for clients and customers etc. and pay also premiums as well as social support etc.


All postal service points of Vietnam Post nationwide

Characteristics of products, services


1. For the customers:
- Simple and convenient procedures
- Customer information is kept confidentially
- Saving time and costs thanks to widespread postal network. 
- Reliability
2. For organizations asking for collection and payment:
- Lower business costs;
- Safe in the financial management;
- Managing the record of electronic payment;
- Adding the value of products, expanding opportunities for business development;
- Associating with famous brandnames

Service charge table


Charge based on agreement of each client and transaction volume