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Non-life Insurance Agency (Post and Telecommunication Insurance)


Insurance products are introduced, sold, arranged in form of insurance contract through the postal network and service points of Vietnam Post.


All transaction points of Vietnam Post

Characteristics of products, services

1.  Simple and convenient procedures for selling insurance, compensation dossier receipt and payment of compensation.
2. Widespread accessibility. 
3. Flexible service time, including Saturday, Sunday and holidays. 
4. Practical, diversified products and meet the different demands of customers: Automobile Insurance; Motorcycle Insurance; Pension Insurance, Healthcare insurance for student, insurance for electronic accident, Accident Insurance 24/24 , etc.; International letter post insurance; etc.
5. Customers are consulted and served 7 days a week

Service charge table

Competitive charge with many attractive sale programs.
Contact service points nationwide for information of the detailed premiums.

Frequent Questions and Answers

Which procedure in case of motor vehicle’s losses? 1. Call the customer service’s number: 1900545475
2. The call center  will ask the insurance surveyor to make a loss survey and guide the customer next procedure. 
3. The call center shall monitor the completion of the procedures for the customer.
4. The compensation will be transferred to customer’s account or customer can receive it directly at the nearest post offices.