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Telecom - IT services


Providing telecommunications agency services such as: selling telecommunications cards (mobile cards, games cards, television cards ...), developing subscribers and collecting services charge (telecommunication, television), providing value-added services on mobile platform ...

Scope of service

In all service points across 63 provinces and cities.


1. Telecommunications card services: providing phone cards, games cards, television cards... in formof physical cards(scratch cards) and electronic cards (e-cards) (card code and topup - Topup airtime)
2. Developing subscribers: supplying, supporting subcriber registration, subcribing prepaid kits and postpaid packages of the MobiFone and Vinaphone network.
3. Collecting subscriber’s telecommunications charge (mobile phone, telephone, internet,…) and AVG, VTC television sucribers.
4. Value-added service (VAS): consulting and providing customers with added services on mobile platform for network providers: ringtones, missed call notification, mobile Internet ...

Sales policy/Table of Service charge

According to Service providers’ regulation by the period 

Frequent Questions and Answers

1. What is e-card? How many kinds of e-cards? How to buy and use e-cards?
- E-cards are tools replacing traditional physical scratch cards, used to topup the accounts of phone, television, and game.
- There are 2 types of e-cards: electronic card code and Topup-airtime.
+ Card code is basically similar to physical scratch card. Character sequences  are provided to customers by message or printed paper. Customers use this character sequence to topup their accounts like using  normal physical scratch cards.
+ Topup – Airtime (eload) or also known as electronic money loading is the form of directly loading the amount of money corresponding to the  values of physical scratch cards into accounts requested by customers.
2. How to register MobiFone subscriber or Vinaphone subscriber?
The Post transaction offices provide the prepaid subcription kits/postpaid packages of the network providers. Customers who demand to subcibe shall be provided with 01 prepaid subcription kit/subscriber contract (postpaid) and directly supported at the Post transaction point.
3. What is valua-added services - VAS?
VAS includes various utility supporting services – making  the most convenient and comfortable for users during the period  of using mobile network providers’ services: ringtones, missed call notification, mobile internet ...