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The Lotus Sim (Topup)


Lotus Sim is a mobile payment utility for the MobiFone subscribers or agents which become selling points of the Post offices providing telecommunications and TV

Service description

The Lotus Sim is a mobile payment utility service for the MobiFone subscribers or Agencies which become Postal point of sales providing telecommunications and television services such as: 
- Prepaid mobile topup; selling mobile card codes, game cards;
- Payment of postpaid phones and television fee;
- Developing mobile subscribers (MobiFone, VinaPhone), Internet and television subscribers
- Distributing mobile value-added services (VAS)
- Others.

Scope of service

To be provided nationwide, at over 3,000 postal transaction points and over 15,000 Lotus sim users.


Users shall have to register with the PostOffice to become a Lotus Sim  point of sales as follows: 
- Sending message of DK_(ID Card Number)_(full name) to 9207 
- Downloading the Lotus application to smartphone via PlayStore (smartphone running Android operating system)

User manual: Here

Sales policy/Table of Service charge

According to current regulations for each service.