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International postal services (Letter-post, Parcel post)


Letter-post and parcel-post services are the services for delivering documents and merchandises from senders to addresses/recipients between Vietnam and other countries in the UPU on Vietnam Post’s postal network


Vietnam Post provides the letter-post and parcel post service to 192 countries in UPU, including:
1. Air directions from Hanoi and HCM City to 195 countries and territories.
2. Surface directions from HCM City to 184 countries and territories.
3. Road directions from Hanoi and HCM City directly to China and Cambodia.

Weight and Size


Weight standard

Size standard


Letter, Postcard

Up to 2kg

Minimum 90mm x 140mm; Maximum165mm x 245mm;

tolerance of 2 mm.

Small bag

Minimum 210 mm x 148 mm;

Maximum total Length + Width + Height = 900 mm and 1 side not over 600 mm ;

Tolerance of 2 mm.


Literature for the Blind


M bag (special mail bag containing newspapers, periodic publications, books and other printed documents to one recipient at the same address)



Parcel post


Common Regulation:

Length + Greatest perimeter (not measured through the measured length)<or= 3m

Note: Designated postal operators have specific regulation on the size, weight of acceptable parcel-post items

Transit time

attached file

Postage Rate Table

attached file

Value added service


Applicable extension

- Registered Mail

Applied to letter, postcard, publication, small bag, M bag

- Express

- Advice of Delivery

Applied to letter, postcard, publication, small bag, M bag and parcel post

Special Services

Inquiry and compensation

1. Inquiry time
+ Six (06) months from accepted date at service points of VNPost
+ One (01) month from items delivered to addressee for the inquiry of damage, rates and other contents relating directly to the items. 
- Inquiry settlement time: Three (03) months from admitted inquiry date.
2. Compensation
- Compensation principles:
+ In case of loss, damage or change in the whole content; 
+ In case of partly loss, damage or change, based on the actual damage 
- Compensation rate is regulated on Table of Service rates

Exporting process for Letter-post, Parcel post

1. Prohibition items, conditionally accepted items, items with export licenses (according to the stipulations of Vietnamese authorities and destination authorities) 

a. Prohibitions items to other countries according to Vietnamese regulations
- Narcotics, mental stimulants;
- Arms, ammunitions, military technical equipments;
- Depraved and reactionary publications, printed matters or documents against public security
- Explosive and inflammable items or substances or unhygienic, environmental pollutants.
- Articles, goods forbidden to be circulated, traded by the government;
- Live animals
- Animal Fur
- Articles, publications, goods forbidden to be imported to destination countries;
- Vietnamese currency, foreign currency and documents valuable as money
- Precious mental (such as gold, silver,…), gemstones or products made from precious mental and gemstones
- Antiques (fragile)
- Human body parts
- Lithium battery
- Addictive Substances
- Items containing many items sent to different addresses. 

b. Conditionally accepted items to other countries according to Vietnamese regulations
- Alcoholic drinks (alcohol, beer…)
- Products of animal origin
- Antiques (unfragile), art painting, crafts
- Drugs, specimen samples (blood, urine)
- Flowers, botany and products of botany origin (seed, drug leaves…)
- Artificial diamond, clothes, cosmetics
- Powder, liquid, electronic, Perishable goods

c. Items applying for export license according to Vietnamese regulations






Pharmaceuticals (low quantity, sent to individual receiver)

Prescription; Commitment Document


Circular 39/2013 / TT-BYT on medical import and export in the non-commercial form



Phytosanitary Quarantine License by Plant Quarantine Sub-Department - Plant Protection Department

List of Plant Quarantine according to Circular 40/2012/TT-BNNPTNT


Mineral Samples


Mining, export licenses, and application letter to Customs authority

Circular 41/2012/TT-BCT on mineral export


Wood and product of wood origin

License, Fumigation


Circular 88/2011/TT-BNNPTNT


Flora and fauna


Check by Plant Quarantine Dept, Veterinary Dept,

Circular 40/2013/TT-BNNPTNT





Circular 06/2011/TT-BYT


Liquid, sand, coal powder


Official Letter sent to Aviation

Flight safety regulations of Aviation


Books, hard drives

Check by Information and Communication Dept, Dept of Culture, Sport and Tourism

Decree 32/2012/ND-CP