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Communications & Distribution


The Lotus Sim (Topup)

Lotus Sim is a mobile payment utility for the MobiFone subscribers or agents which become selling points of the Post offices providing...

Commercial advertising

Helpingenterprises choose the location and form of placing their brand, products in the best manner through postal advertising infrastructures

Distributing printed papers

Providing all kinds of printed papers: books, domestic and oversea magazines; publishing New Year Calendars.

Direct Marketing

Consulting, supporting enterprises to introduce, promote images of their products, services directly to consumers, especially in rural areas through...

Telecom - IT services

Providing telecommunications agency services such as: selling telecommunications cards (mobile cards, games cards, television cards ...), developing...

Distributing Telecommunications and Television devices

Distributed and retailed products including mobile phones with the preferential charge package from MobiFone and Vinaphone; terminal devices of...