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The UPU Director General: Vietnam Post is a successful example of innovation

On the evening of 26th June 2018, the high level Delegation of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) headed by H.E. Mr. Bishar Abdirahman Hussein – Director General of the UPU paid a working visit to Vietnam Post’s Head Office building. Sharing at the meeting, the UPU Director General affirmed that Vietnam Post is one of the successful examples of innovation in production and business activities in the region as well as all over the world.

Welcoming the high level Delegation of the UPU to visit Vietnam Post, Chairman of the Board of Management of Vietnam Post, Mr. Pham Anh Tuan was pleased to recall the visit to Vietnam Post of Mr. Bishar A. Hussein 05 years ago during his business trip to the APPU Conference held in India in 2013.

Over the last 05 years, Vietnam Post has made many innovations including considerable paces of development and very positive business results.

Chairman of the BoM of Vietnam Post, Mr. Pham Anh Tuan spoke at the meeting

Chairman Pham Anh Tuan emphasized that this is the initial result achieved after over 10 years of splitting out from Post-Telecom with a lot of effort and determination of the entire Leaders and employees across the network to implement the innovation.

These goals were achieved thanks to the important factor that Vietnam Post is being supported, helped by the Leaders of the UPU, including Director General Bishar A. Hussein and Deputy Director General Pascal Clivaz. It is not only a support for the orientation, practical and positive leadership of the UPU Leaders in planning the development strategy of the industry at all Congresses, or in every meeting session, in directing the operations of CA, POC and regional postal Associations, but also the positive impacts made for the UPU’s member countries facilitating the promotion of business cooperation between Vietnam Post and other postal Administrations, particularly the strategic countries in Asia-Pacific region (Japan, China, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and ASEANPOST). In addition, the UPU has also provided maximum support to Vietnam Post to participate in deploying and receiving technical and financial projects of the UPU and related Funds (such as the UPU’s Technical Assistance Fund (PTC) and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation).

Chairman of the Board of Management Pham Anh Tuan emphasized that the visit of Director General Bishar A. Hussein and his colleagues to Vietnam Post is a valuable opportunity for Vietnam Post’s employees and labours to listen to their shares about the trend of the universal postal development, opportunities, challenges and solutions of the UPU on supporting member countries, including Vietnam Post to promote the business cooperation and serve the community in the future.  


Mr. Bishar A. Hussein, Director General of the UPU shared his story at the meeting

Sharing at the meeting with Vietnam Post’s employees and labours, Director General of the UPU Bishar A. Hussein started from a small story of his own about the reason why he was attached to the postal sector after many times trying to change the job. Mr. Bishar A. Hussein highly estimated the innovation and achievements of Vietnam Post so far. Recalling his last visit to Vietnam Post, Director General of the UPU said that 05 years ago when he was told about the view, development strategy of Vietnam Post, he foresaw a very bright future of Vietnam Post. “After 5 years, being here today, I cannot express my feeling at this moment. I am able to feel the transformation of Vietnam and Vietnam Post and I ask myself what has happened here? The innovation of Vietnam Post is not a coincidence. This is a result of a development strategy which was carefully planned long time ago. You are not only set clear goals, proper strategy, business plan, effective business and production solution but also very united in all areas”, said the Director General of the UPU Bishar A. Hussein.

Focused on the importance of the network of over 13,000 transaction points spreading out to commune level and a workforce of more than 42,000 labours, the top Leader of the UPU affirmed that this is the chance and advantage of Vietnam Post in term of accessing postal services. Mr. Bishar A. Hussein also recognized that Vietnam Post’s serving points are strongly connected with each other. He was happy when comparing Vietnam Post as an airplane on which there is not only crew but also many passengers, luggages, cargos and fuel. In order to make the Vietnam Post airplane run fast and take off highly, officers, workers and labours of Vietnam Post shall stick together and make more effort to fulfill their targets and strategies.  

In addition, Mr. Bishar A.Hussein also noted that in the coming time, Vietnam Post should focus on sectors namely, postal delivery, postal financial services, e-commerce. These are sectors holding many development potentials in the coming years.


Mr. Pascal Thierry Clivaz, Deputy Director General of the UPU spoke at the meeting

Also at the meeting, Mr. Pascal Thierry Clivaz, Deputy Director General of the UPU has affirmed that Vietnam is 1 of the 41 executive members of the UPU Council and an important part of the UPU organization. The UPU expected that Vietnam would continue to be one of the most active members in the next tenure. He believed that Vietnam Post would continue to achieve important results in business, production, international economic cooperation and other activities in the coming time.