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H.E. Minister of the Ministry of Information & Communication meets Director General of the Universal Postal Union

On the morning of 26th June 2018 in Hanoi, Minister of the Ministry of Information & Communication Truong Minh Tuan received the high level Delegation of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) headed by Mr. Bishar A.Hussein – Director General.

At the meeting, Minister Truong Minh Tuan thanked the General Director and Deputy General Director of the UPU for attending the annual meeting of the Asia Pacific Postal Union Executive Council Meeting (APPU EC 2018) held in Da Nang, from 25-29 June 2018. The Minister informed that in the recent years, Vietnam has successfully implemented the policy on innovation, promotion of competition, modernization and management in order to access the digital transformation.

The postal sector is considered as one of the important infrastructures and an important link to the supply chain of the whole economy. The Vietnamese Government has been improving the legal framework to create a dynamic, transparent and competitive market for the postal sector. A number of legal documents have been issued, including the Postal Law, guidance Circulars and Decrees… which have created a transparent and competitive environment for the development of the postal sector in implementing a market-oriented approach, developing postal services, ensuring service quality and postal security.

Minister Truong Minh Tuan affirmed that, as a member of the UPU, especially as member of the UPU Council of Administration for the period of 2017-2020, the Ministry of Information & Communication has been actively involved in all UPU activities, expressing the integration spirit of Vietnam in the international arena in general, at the same time showing the responsibility of a member country and always being an UPU’s companion in its general activities, trends of reform and development as well as difficulties that the UPU has been facing with.

Regarding the postal public infrastructure in Vietnam, currently there are about 13,000 postal service points; average serving radius reaches 2.92 km/point guaranteeing one service point in each commune; average people served per serving point is 7,400 people/serving point; postal services in remote areas are well secured.  

Pleased with the achievements of Vietnam in the reform of the postal sector, Director General of the UPU Mr. Bishar A.Hussein said that the policy reform of Vietnam was an important step for the reform of the postal sector in any country. However, he emphasized that, in the coming time, Vietnam should pay attention to develop services related to e-commerce, postal financial services and e-services.

Highly appreciated the comments of Director General of the UPU, Minister Truong Minh Tuan said that in the next UPU Extraordinary Congress, Vietnam would actively exchange, discuss with the UPU member countries to look forward a positive solution for the UPU to reform comprehensively and perform effectively to meet the customer’s demand all around the world.