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Thousands of products in “One Commune, One Product - OCOP” Program are sold on Vietnam Post’s e-commerce floor - Postmart

At the Exhibition of 10-year New Rural Construction Achievements, organized by the Central Steering Committee of National Target Program during 18-19 October 2019 in Nam Dinh, Vietnam Post officially introduced its e-commerce floor OCOP.POSTMART.VN to all consumers. This nation-scaled e-commerce floor reserves for specific products in the national program: “One Commune, One Product” – OCOP.

OCOP. POSTMART. VN is the optimal solution, consistent with the development trend of 4.0 technology in providing closed solutions from product updates, sales, delivery to payment methods.

With its large network of 13,000 service points, reaching villages and transportation system and professional delivery staff, Vietnam Post was assigned to build and operate this e-commerce floor. This is a bridge to connect providers, especially small enterprises, cooperatives, households and consumers nationwide. 

OCOP. POSTMART.VN is now providing millions of products such as food, beverage, herbal, garment, souvenir, furniture, decoration and rural tourism service. All products bring traditional values and show the pride of each commune. Regardless of different industries, all products have clear origins, ensuring to meet national standards on origin checking.

All providers joining OCOP.POSTMART.VN will be supported in the process of registration, product classification, production, transportation and PR their products nationwide and worldwide… Enterprises and households will have another modern, professional and effective distribution channel when they become the providers on OCOP.POSTMART.VN. As a result, the people in rural areas are confident to participate in the market with active and creative business.

It is easy for all customers to choose all products in any part of Vietnam by only one click.

OCOP.POSTMART.VN is now not only the bridge between sellers and buyers but also reflects the habit of buyers and the trust of Vietnamese people for Vietnam typical products.

Vietnam Post has not only provided products nationwide and brought Vietnamese products to international market through OCOP.POSTMART.VN, but also actively cooperated with the world postal administrations to connect OCOP.POSTMART.VN with their e-commerce websites. Through close relations with over 200 UPU member countries, Vietnam Post’s products in OCOP Program will make a new breakthrough to contribute more to Vietnam government’s rural economic development.