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Postmart brings specialty products to every home

Evaluated as an optimal solution, in line with the development trend of technology 4.0 in providing a closed solution from product updates, sales, delivery to payment, Postmart is one of E-commerce platforms selected by localities to promote the consumption of specialty products.

Point of purchase at the lowest price

Starting from early 2019, Postmart e-commerce platform ( of Vietnam Post is an e-commerce trading floor specializing in providing special products and goods of Viet Nam.

With hundreds of reputable suppliers across the country with tens of thousands of specialty products of all kinds including agriculture - forestry - fishery (dry goods); processed food, drinks; nutritious herbal food; handicrafts ... the specialty products listed on Postmart are products with certificate of food safety, high quality, brand origin, long expire date.

Through the network spreading to each village and commune, transportation capacity is large, and with experience in delivery and payment services, when operating this platform of Postmart, Vietnam Post has competitive advantages to ensure fast, accurate and safe goods transportation. Right from being launched, is expected to become a bridge connecting all businesses, reputable small enterprises in 63 provinces and cities to bring products to consumers, helping to maximize the advantages of businesses and localities.

With that goal, operates on the principle of buying directly from production facilities in all provinces and cities and delivering to customers without intermediaries. Therefore, the price and quality of products are always guaranteed, with the origin of the brand, no fake and poor quality products. Product suppliers are not only granted accounts to post and update information on products on, but also to actively sell their products.

In addition to friendly interface, easy to manipulate, e-commerce platform - Postmart also categorizes each group of items, price by region so finding products is also quick with many results so that consumers can easily choose and order. With just a mouse click, customers will easily buy specialty products in all parts of the country.

One of the great advantages of Postmart e-commerce platform is the diverse forms of payment. Payment is not only limited by COD (delivery delivery) but customers can also pay by e-wallet, payment at the post office, through Paypost, Top-up Card. Cost of goods products and shipping costs are listed publicly and transparently as soon as customers make a purchase.

Playground of OCOP products

With initial successes, in October 2019, Vietnam Post and the New Rural Coordination Central Office officially introduced e-commerce platform to a large number of consumers. This is a national-scale e-commerce trading floor dedicated to products under the national program "One Commune One Product " (OCOP).

Suppliers participating in transactions on will be supported to perform all stages from registering to participating in OCOP Program, product classification, production support; priority in transporting goods, widely communicating domestically and internationally ... When becoming a vendor on e-commerce platform, businesses, especially small and suitable businesses ,cooperatives and small-scale production households have an additional channel of modern, professional and effective goods distribution by a nationwide customer base. Thereby contributing to increasing product value, raising incomes, gradually helping rural people confidently participate in the market with initiatives and creativity in production and business. currently offers millions of products in groups: food, beverages, herbs, fabrics - garments, souvenirs - furniture - decorations, agricultural traveling services. All products carry traditional values, the pride of each locality. In particular, regardless of the industry, the products have clear origin, ensuring national standards for traceability.

With a network of sales points, human resources and a network of collaborators spreading across villages and communes nationwide, Vietnam Post has the ability to accurately verify the origin of OCOP products to avoid counterfeit goods, poor quality listed on the platform.

Based on a comprehensive cooperation agreements with 63 People's Committees of provinces and cities on the implementation of the Prime Minister's decision on receiving dossiers, returning results of handling administrative procedures through public postal services and chapters in cooperation with the New Rural Coordination Central Office, Vietnam Post has instructed provincial and municipal posts to coordinate with local People's Committees to review and list OCOP products on ocop e-commerce platform. To date, there are 54 provinces and cities listing OCOP products on the ecommerce trading floor. Binh Dinh is one of the first provinces in the country to bring local products on with 48 products, of which about 10 are certified to OCOP standards.

By the end of April 2020, Quang Nam had more than 60 agricultural products listed on the market, mainly OCOP products recognized by the provincial People's Committee or products in safe agricultural chains such as refined products. cinnamon oil, citronella oil of Tien Phuoc Green Agricultural Cooperative, cassava noodles of Xinh Hoi - Que Son noodle production base, bitter melon tea of ​​Ha Vy business households ... Lao Cai also listed 100 agricultural products on Postmart, including famous products of the province such as Séng Cu rice, Muong Khuong chili sauce, Sa Pa dried mushrooms ...

When introducing and selling OCOP products on Postmart, OCOP products are not only entitled to free booth rental, but also are supported with communication and promotion to boost sales. As a result, right on the trading floor, specialty goods of the provinces were quickly received by customers.

Not only providing OCOP products nationwide, in order to bring Vietnamese specialties to the international market, recently Vietnam Post has actively worked with a number of postal companies in the world to connect the exchange OCOP e-commerce with e-commerce trading floor system of other countries. With the close relationship of Vietnam Post with the Universal Postal Union (UPU) in nearly 200 countries and territories, in the future, OCOP products will have new breakthroughs and important contributions to the Government's rural economic development program.