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VietnamPostPay – electronic payment platform is launched

In order to implement the digital transformation strategy, develop a digital ecosystem in the postal sector, diversify payment methods, ensure safety and transparency in cash flow management, on 18 December 2020, Vietnam Post officially launched the electronic payment platform - VietnamPostPay.

Delegates performed the ritual of launching VietnamPostPay electronic payment platform

According to Mr. Le Quoc Anh, Executive Vice President of Vietnam Post, this electronic payment platform - VietnamPostPay was deployed basing on the digital banking infrastructure of a commercial bank, capable of connecting with bank switching system to bring in the power of the payment system and extend unlimited payment methods with banking and financial institutions.

VietnamPostPay also provides secure and convenient solutions to manage finance, cash flow, and cashless payments for digital platforms of Vietnam Post's partners. At the same time, providing an electronic payment platform for collection and payment services, insurance, e-wallet, mobile money, tax agency, electricity, water, social insurance, public administrative services.

For customers, VietnamPostPay offers many benefits in non-cash payment. In particular, people in all parts of the country, especially in rural, remote and isolated areas that cannot access banks, credit institutions can easily use digital banking services; depositing, withdrawing money and paying for postal services at post offices and agents of the Post Office.

Mr. Le Quoc Anh – Executive Vice President shared that
VietnamPostPay would provide safe and high secure financial management solutions

For Vietnam Post, VietnamPostPay will contribute to improving the capacity to manage cash flows and means of payment on its large postal network, reaching the village and commune level, create transparency of transactions, shorten the time for cross-check and settlement, improve the competitiveness and efficiency; and at the same time, offering more new services such as payment, money transfer; creating tools to manage cash flow and means of payment for staff and employees at the commune level, especially for those who manage COD money of postmen and e-commerce customers.

VietnamPostPay platform is put into use and contribute to changing fundamentally the mode of providing digital payment services in the electronic payment field, creating outstanding benefits, meeting the most payment needs of customers, reducing the gap of digital technology application, cashless payment between urban and rural areas, remote, mountainous, island areas.