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Minister of MIC Nguyen Manh Hung works with Vietnam Post

In the morning of February 24, Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung, Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Pham Anh Tuan worked with Vietnam Post. In the new year, with a new thinking, new ways of doing business, different mindset, Vietnam Post had a particularly important mission: helping people get out of poverty.

Overview of the meeting

Reporting at the meeting on the development strategy in the period 2021 -2030, Mr. Chu Quang Hao President and CEO of Vietnam Post said that Vietnam Post would ensure the provision of regular and stable postal services to the society, participate in the development of public services. In particular, Vietnam Post developed its business on the basis of customer-centered, data-oriented, digital platforms as tools; fast and practical digital transformation to improve productivity and business efficiency.

Vietnam Post aims to increase revenue and profit by 2030 5 times higher than 2020. 2021 is the first year of implementing its new strategy, Vietnam Post will also create a fundamental change in the operation and business administration to create new breakthroughs.

According to President and CEO Chu Quang Hao, Vietnam Post aims to increase revenue
and profit by 2030 5 times higher than 2020

Mr. Chu Quang Hao also said that Vietnam Post's mission was to serve the community, connect people with quality, friendly and modern services, bringing different experiences and values to customers. In parallel with the promotion of products and services in the fields of postal delivery services, postal finance services and distribution, public administration services, Vietnam Post was currently conducting and would quickly implement the Project "Vietnam Post helps people get out of poverty", supporting rural economic development through training programs on how to sell , connect products, increase the value of agricultural products through Postmart e-commerce floor; bringing plants, seedlings, pesticide fertilizers and essential goods to all people through the Post's service points, especially in remote areas.

Chairman of Vietnam Post Mr. Nguyen Hai Thanh revealed that with the tactic of "taking the rural areas to surround the big cities", Vietnam Post would maximize the strength of the large network and nationwide service point system to exploit the potential of the market while bringing the government humanitarian policies closer to all people through public postal services, deploying a close public administration ecosystem to the people.

Chairman of Vietnam Post Nguyen Hai Thanh made a speech at the meeting

Highly appreciated the new mission of Vietnam Post, Minister of MIC Nguyen Manh Hung analyzed: After the Post helped people do business, created

tools for them to achieve high incomes, they would pay for the Post in return. If 24 million households with 100 million people joined the ecosystem of Vietnam Post, the revenue of the Post would not only increase 2 or 3 times but would become a great enterprise in serving the country and the people.

Therefore, the mission of the Post absolutely changed. Helping people get out of poverty was the whole country's millennial dream, by doing this, Vietnam Post would change the inner meaning of "postal services", change the nature of postal business from just taking money of people using postal services into helping them increase their income and then share the benefits for joint development.

On the other hand, if the Post could attract all 24 million households in the country in its ecosystem, the Post would own a retailing chain of 24 million small supermarkets.

In order to create an effective ecosystem, the Post needs to pay attention to the cooperation with other enterprises such as banks, manufacturing enterprises, logistics, transportation, warehousing companies... Currently, many businesses, if standing alone, cannot develop but they grow quickly by cooperating to deploy new services – it is the optimal solution to continue developing. Cooperation in the modern world will certainly open up many new development spaces.

For instance, the Post can cooperate with banks to develop “walking ATMs", bringing money to people's houses with their need for loans, then the development potential will be great. Currently, the bank invests only a few thousands of ATMs. If the banks cooperate with the Post, there will be hundreds of thousands of "walking ATMs" to serve the needs of people all over the country.

Closing the meeting, Minister Nguyen Manh Hung reminded that one of the innovations in the Resolution of the 13th Communist Party Congress was the inclusion of the Viet Nam ambition for a prosperity, happiness and wealth.

Minister Nguyen Manh Hung made a speech at the meeting

"Postal services must also have ambitions to solve social problems and social pains, such as helping people get out of poverty. From this ambition, many other values will be created", Minister Nguyen Manh Hung said.

Vietnam Post needs to be involved in solving social problems, social pains, contributing to national digital transformation platforms. Recently, some platforms built by Vietnam Post such as Digital Map Vmap, the postal address code platform - VPostcode, Postmart e-commerce trading floor ... contributed positively to the country's digital transformation. The difficulty of digital transformation is not to design the platform but how to deploy the platform in reality across the country. Vietnam Post should set targets to deploy Postmart trading floor in all 11,000 communes, if successful, Vietnam Post will become a leading business in digital transformation.

The Minister also reminded that in order to become a profitable business, the Post should set high targets to take breakthrough solutions, create opportunities for talented people. Any organizations want to get the talented, they always set high targets. High targets will create new opportunities and spaces to help hundreds of thousands of people express themselves.

Also under the direction of the Minister, along with digital transformation, in 2021, one of the breakthrough points of Vietnam Post is to officially announce the strategy of infrastructure development to become an infrastructure enterprise.

On the other hand, Vietnam Post must regularly pilot new initiatives in a small scale, in a narrow space and limited time. Without testing, accepting the new things, the Post cannot develop.