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Vietnam climbs 2 spots in the UPU's integrated index for postal development 2021 (2IDP)

Accordingly, in the 2IDP Ranking, Vietnam has climbed 2 spots in comparison with the year of 2020 and has been one of 04 countries in the ASEAN region in the top 50. This information was announced officially by UPU within the framework of the World Postal Day 2021 held online and broadcast live on UPUTV, posted on UPU's official website ( on October 8/ 2021.

Attending the online ceremony in Vietnam, there were representatives from the Department of Post, the Department of International Cooperation, Ministry of Information and Communications; and representative leaders of Vietnam Post.

Director General of UPU takes the floor at the ceremony

Beside the commemorative activities, the CEOs of member countries shared experiences within the theme of the World Post Day "innovate to recover" at the ceremony. The CEO shared their solutions regarding to innovation, creativity and IT application in delivery activities, e-commerce, logistics, fintech... to maintain the supply chain to provide the community with services.

Mr. Chu Quang Hao, President & CEO shared activities of Vietnam Post
with the motto “Innovate to recover” in the pandemic by a short video clip 

Especially, Mr. Chu Quang Hao, President & CEO of Vietnam Post shared activities of Vietnam Post with the motto “Innovate to recover” in the pandemic by a short video clip. He said that the Covid-19 pandemic had disrupted the agricultural supply chain. Besides implementing flexibly the pandemic prevention to ensure safety in the whole network, Vietnam Post had supported more than 80 thousands farmer households to open e-commerce stores on the, providing more than 70,000 tons of essential goods for people at more than 3,000 service points and via the Vietnam Post had well organized the activities for the community such as programs “Postal Gold Seed” or “the Heart of the Pandemic season, sharing love” which delivered more 500,000 gifts to people in difficulty during the pandemic. In order to reach dual goals: ensuring safety in pandemic prevention and business development, Vietnam Post, had strengthened the IT applications to support customers such as the CAS-Counter system of the MPITS project helping customers use many services at one counter, minimizing waiting time; the system of smart lockers supported customers actively to receive goods to avoid the risk of infection because of contact during delivery.

The ceremony at the bridge point of Vietnam Post

Vietnam Post is proud of the role of national postal enterprise taking part in UPU. In the past time, Vietnam Post has performed well its role and mission in serving the community and has been recognized for its flexibility and constantly keeping up with the changes of the postal industry not only in the country but also in the world.  Particularly, during the Covid-19 pandemic, with the drastic and "wartime" spirit in directing and implementing tasks, Vietnam Post has not only ensured the provision of public postal services, traditional postal services, but also offered many "instant" solutions to maintain the supply chain of goods even in quarantine areas, blockade areas, connecting supply with demand, supporting consumption of agricultural products and promoting digital technology application to ensure material flow to serve people's needs, in which has emerged as an effective safe digital application during the pandemic, thereby, contributing to enhancing the role of postal activities, affirming Vietnam's position in the global postal sector. Therefore, Vietnam Post has received UPU's high appreciation in both his activities and social responsibility.

Vietnam was highly appreciated by UPU in actively participating in the UPU’s International Letter-Writing Competition (ILWC). In the past 34 years of participating in the competition, Vietnam has achieved 16 international prizes including 02 first prizes, 01 second prizes, 06 third prizes and 07 consolation prizes. At the recent 50th UPU’s ILWC, a letter writing to a baby girl born in the Covid-19 time of Dao Thu Anh from Hanoi has won the third prize. On October 9, 2021, the MIC will issue a stamp set “50th Anniversary of UPU’s International Letter-Writing Competition (1971-2021)" designed by Artist Pham Quang Dieu (Vietnam Post).

In addition, in order to celebrate the World Postal Day on October 9th, Vietnam Post has also organized communication and implemented practical activities such as promotions for customers using international delivery services from October 9th to October 31st, 2021.

UPU chose October 9th every year as the World Post Day. This year, celebrating the 147th anniversary of UPU and the 52nd anniversary of World Postal Day, UPU organizes a number of commemorative activities with the aim of raising awareness about the role of the postal industry in people's daily lives and business, as well as postal contributions to the global economic and social development. At the same time, UPU encourages member countries to participate in and celebrate the World Postal Day through practical activities such as introducing new products and services, having discount or promotion programs, free sending letters...

Within the framework of the Celebration, beside the integrated index for postal development 2021 (2IDP), UPU also announced the best letter out of 50 winning international first prizes at the ILWCs voted by the staff of the International Bureau on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of UPU’s International Letter-Writing Competition.