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Vietnam Post won The Vietnamese Strong Brands Award 2020 -2021

On October 12, 2021, at the Ceremony of Announcing and Honoring Vietnamese Strong Brands 2020-2021, Vietnam Post Corporation (Vietnam Post) was honored to be in the TOP 10 of the Digital Technology Services and Consumer Retails brands 2020-2021. This is the second consecutive year that Vietnam Post has received this award.

Vietnam Post's continuous presence and raise the high level in Ranking of The Vietnamese Strong Brands is a recognition of citizens and customers for their persistent efforts to overcome the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, actively innovate, research, and apply latest technology and utilize digital platforms into the production operation.

During the pandemic, Vietnam Post constantly has flexibly implemented business scenarios to achieve the dual objectives of either safely preventing epidemics or ensuring the growth and well-performing mission of serving the community with modern technology, using digital technology to ensure the physical goods flow. Besides, Vietnam Post also maintains the public postal network and provides the best public postal services to ensure the information flow about the directives of the Party and Government; actively support citizens during the supply chain is at risk of breaking down due to the strict pandemic control in many localities, thereby, affirming the leading role of national designated postal enterprise.

Mr Chu Quang Hao, President & CEO of Vietnam Post said:  "Besides synchronous implementation about technology solutions, our IT team has been constantly researching and actively offering many solutions and digital platforms that benefit the community and society,  affirming the position in digital transformation. We consider the digital transformation in service and production as a significant issue. There have been numbers of multi-service transaction counters applying CAS-Counter, Post Smart –automated self-delivery cabinet, PostID electronic authentication identifier, VMAP digital map, Vpostcode address code, e-commerce platform, Postpay e-payment, Digital Citizen app… to fulfill Vietnam Post’s completed technology ecosystem and meet customer needs.

The implementing technology and digital services have partially changed the production model of organization, released labors, and brought utilities for customers. Currently, with only one-click, customers can use all postal services such as savings, utility payments, receive and send packages or shopping online on the e-commerce platform Upcoming, pension payments will also be digitized to make things more convenient."

Until now, Vietnam Post is one of a few enterprises providing stable postal operations and the completed postal services to customers. According to statistics, in the first 6 months of 2021, the total revenue of Vietnam Post reached 13,420 billion VND, an increase of nearly 6% compared to the same period in 2020, reaching profit of nearly 270 billion VND. Especially, labor income has increased by 17.3% compared to the same period in 2020. These results are strongly encouraged during the Covid-19 pandemic in Vietnam and around the world is still complicated affecting many aspects of economic operations.

The complicated pandemic has brought many affects and restrictions to the transportation while Vietnam Post is one of designated organizations, being prioritized to operate in the epidemic area, contributing to the supply chain of goods and the economic development as well as disease prevention. At the same time, Vietnam Post also supports agricultural production households to bring agri-products to E-commerce platform. Until this September, there are more than 80,000 agricultural production households on the, providing more than 70 tons of essential goods to citizens at more than 3,000 service points and through the

Not only innovate to recover in the "new normal" period, but Vietnam Post also maximizes the leading role of the national postal enterprise in serving the community and having high responsibilities to the society. Vietnam Post and their partners have organized many social activities such as Hat vang Buu dien, Tam long mua dich, san se yeu thuong… sharing more than 500,000 gifts to the citizens during the pandemic in Ho Chi Minh City and other Southern provinces.

In addition, identifying human resource as a priority, Vietnam Post has recently performed many action plans to prevent epidemics as equip masks, disinfect service points, Covid-19 vaccinate for labors... and still ensure labor income throughout the network.

With persistent efforts and great contributions, Vietnam Post, as representative of Vietnam, has climbed up 2 spots in the UPU's Integrated Index for Postal Development 2021 (2IDP) and becomes one of the four ASEAN countries in Top 50.

In future, with the fast sustainable growth, Vietnam Post will constantly innovate, flexibly implement, focus on developing production activities and improving service quality to ensure the best postal services, provide strong technology application to promote either the physical or digital flow on the postal e-platform. At the same time, Vietnam Post efforts to overcome the difficulties in pandemic to fulfill the role and mission in serving the community of the national postal enterprise, catch up with the changes in the postal industry in region and worldwide.