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Keeping pace with the beat of 4.0

“The fourth industrial revolution has begun several years ago, mostly focusing on smart manufacturing based on breakthrough achievements in information technology, biological technology and nano technology. Along with this pace, Vietnam Post always determines that the application of science and technology in manufacturing is vital to the enterprise, particularly the application of information technology (IT)”, Chairman of the Board of Management of Vietnam Post Pham Anh Tuan started his speak with us in the atmosphere that Vietnam Post has just stepped over the year 2017 with many achievements beyond the expectation, and in high spirit, confidence to enter the year 2018 with many great ambitions.

According to the “captain” of Vietnam Post, the research of applying new technical and technological achievements has been taken into consideration and invested by Vietnam Post. One of the most remarkable projects was to apply IoT (Internet of Things – Internet connecting all things) into the management of post offices. At present, the project to equip facilities and build IoT-applied system for post offices is being researched for deployment. But what is worth mentioning here is Vietnam Post has boldly step by step implemented the digital transformation in the era of industrial revolution 4.0, improved the enterise’s service and management, creating important premise for the new development.

Looking back on important milestones in the journey of digital transformation of Vietnam Post, possibly point out the year 2017 where nearly 4,000 smartphones and applications for collecting, selling and delivering goods have been deployed, contributing to improve the quality of services, support the business management and operation, and release timely feedback to customers.

In addition, Vietnam Post has also developed many new IT applications to ensure the availability of real time information on production activities, helping the executive departments at all levels to have accurate and timely information.


The research of applying new technical and technological achievements has been taken into consideration and invested by Vietnam Post

Updating technologies

Based on the observation of Vietnam Post News, currently, many countries have applied robot into postal operation, particularly in some European postal operators. Those who put robot into postal operation are usually countries possess very high volume and revenue in logistics sector, also, labor cost in such countries is very high. The application of robot in operation helps to enhance labor productivity, cut down product cost by reducing labor cost.

“Regarding Vietnam Post, the current revenue and production of postal service have been growing well year by year but it has not yet reached the threshold to fully automate the operation phase. Besides, other infrastructure factors such as limited layout at sorting centers also makes it disqualified for full automation. Labor cost in Vietnam is not high in comparison with developed countries. Therefore, the full automation for operation at Vietnam Post in near term shall not be addressed at least in the next five years”, shared by the Chairman of Vietnam Post.

However, Vietnam Post always has special interest in finding and learning information to apply new technologies.

In specific, Vietnam Post has cooperated with Japan Post to learn the experience of gradually bringing new technological equipments into postal operation.

Especially, Vietnam Post is now a member of the Universal Postal Union (UPU), Telematics Group… therefore it constantly update the information about new technologies, frequently contact with postal equipment providers to invite them to introduce solutions, helping Vietnam Post’s officers to update information about technologies applied for Post.

Enhancing the application of IT to break through

In the coming time, Vietnam Post will orient itself to continue the concentration on deploying projects promoting IT application and automation in production and business. Specifically: Complete the IT development strategy; To step by step modernize the production organization platform (such as semi-automatic and automatic mechanics in some production lines, including envelope folding machines, parcel sorting systems...); Apply new technologies in production and business activities (such as RFID, GPS technologies...); Continue to develop the software system, upgrade the computer network and data center of the Corporation; Develop big data project (large data) to meet the development in the IoT era; Become a major provider in the electronic payment solution field in Vietnam (cashless) ....