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Registered mail services


Items are delivered to recipients’ addresses; items are provided private numbers for customers to track and trace their items through Vietnam Post website.

Scope of service


Weight and size

a. Limited size of postcards: 
- Maximum: 165 mm x 245 mm, with 2 mm error.
- Minimum: 90 mm x 140 mm, with 2 mm error 
- The minimum ratio between length and width is about 1,4.
b. Limited size of small packets: 
- Minimum: 210 x 148 mm.
- Maximum: Sum of length, width and height is 900 mm, not exceed 600 mm of each, with 2 mm error. In case of rolling, the length plus 2 times of diameter is 1040 mm, but not exceed 900 mm.
c. Limited size of other kinds of items: 
- Maximum: Sum of length, width and height is 900 mm, the maximum of each doesn’t exceed 600 mm, with 2 mm error. In case of rolling, the length plus 2 times of diameter is 1040 mm, but not exceed 900 mm, with 2 mm error.
- Minimum: One side is not smaller than 90 mm x 140 mm, with 2 mm error. In case of rolling, the length plus 2 times of diameter is 170 mm, the biggest dimension is not smaller than 100 mm

Criteria of end-to-end time

Attached annex 

Table of service charges

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Value-added service

a. Acceptace at addresses of customers: Post accepts items at addresses of customers according to customers’ proposal or contract signed between two sides. 
b. Packing: Post provides customers with packing according to customers’ requirements.
c. Cash on delivery: Post accepts to transport and delivery items from senders, collects money from recipients and pays money back for senders by cash or remittance. 
d. Insured service: Post compensates customers based on listed value when accepting items in case of loss or damage by Post’ fault. 
e. Withdrawal of items: Post stops transporting and delivering items and returns items to sender, applied for registered service in case of not finish end-to-end time and not being confiscated or destroyed accrording to legal regulations. 
f. Correct recipient’s name and address service
The postal items may be sent to recipient / address other than the recipient / address shown on the postal items. This service applies only to Registered  mails that not running out of end to end and not confiscated or destroyed in accordance with the law.
Paid on delivery: Post delivers itmes and collects additional charges according to contracts signed with recipients/senders.
g. Delivery to addresses in person: Post delivers items to addresses in person. This service isn’t applied to leaders of Party or local and central authorities.  
h. Advice of delivery: Post delivers advice of delivery or acceptance form of customers to sender. 
i. Advice of delivery SMS/Email: Post sends SMS/Email to phone/ email provided by sender to inform delivery result.  
j. Co-checking delivery: Post checks the quantity of items or checks content of items in detail when accepting and delivering; sending handovered reports or handovered receipts to senders. 
k. Delivery on recipients’ requirements: Places, ways and delivery time are changed on recipients’ requirement. 
l. Poste restante: Recipients are informed to receive items at service points.   
m. Private box: Private boxes can be hired by customers at service points to receive items. Each box is provided with private number and used by one customer. 
n. Return service: registered mail which is delivered unsuccessfully will be returned to sender according to receipt.  
Customer can choose returned time and ways as follows: 
- Right after items are delivered 2 times unsuccessfully or customers don’t come to post office to receive items although invitations are sent 2 times. 
- When saved time is out according to Vietnam Post’s regulation. 
- After time required by customer. 

Inquiries, Compensations

1. Inquiry time
a. Six (06) months since the ending date of transit time of item for loss, delay against the published transit time; in case the transit time is not published, the period wil be calculated from acceptance time.
b. One (01) month since date item was delivered to the recipient for damage, postage and related inquiries
2. Treatment of inquiries
a. For domestic service: 2 months since accepting inquiry. 
b. For international service: 3 months since accepting inquiry. 
3. Compensation regulation. 
- In case of loss, damage or change the whole content: compensation for damage shall be determined according to the limitation of liability to pay damages for the entire customer service was used.
- In case of partly loss, damage or change, compensation shall be based on the actual damage but not higher than the limit of liability for all damages applies to services that customers have used, unless post office and  customer have other agreements.
- Limit of liability for compensation issued by Vietnam Post according to the level of compensation granted by the relevant authorities.
- Compensations are paid in Vietnam dong, the payment is done once unless post office and  customer have other agreements.
- Compensation is paid to the sender, unless otherwise agreed; In case of partly loss, damage that the recipient agrees to accept the rest then the compensation will be paid to recipients
- The compensation for direct damage is done on the basis of supply contracts and the use of postal services.
No compensation for indirect damage outside contract or beneficiaries are not obtained due to the postal service does not reach the quality as the two sides agreed.
4. The amount of compensation
- In case of loss, damage or change the whole content: the compensation amount will be equivalent to 4 times of the postage when posted (include VAT)  while  the sender provide the necessary document proving the value of the item (Invoice, receipt...). 
- In case of loss or damage a part of items’ content, the maximum compensations are applied as follows: 
Amount of compensation = (the percentage of the loss quantity or damaged contents) x (amount of compensation in case of loss or damage).
Note: The percentage of the loss quantity or damaged contents is checked based on report identified by sender. 
- In case items are misdirected because of Post’s fault, customer receive returned service with free of charge and compensated amount of paid service (including VAT).